Wrong Information is Displayed in Google Search Results

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Recent changes made to your website may not be displayed in Google search results because it takes some time for Google to re-crawl and re-index your site.

You can ask Google to update your site by submitting it to Google Search Console for re-indexing.

The same principle applies to other search engines which you can also contact with the request to re-index your site.

Keep in mind that the text displayed in search results is decided by Google technology. You, however, can add suggested text to Descriptions of your Site Editor’s pages.

To add a Description to a page:

  • click PAGES in the left-hand sidebar of Site Editor:

  • under PAGES, hover over the page whose Description you would like to change and click the Settings icon that appears to the right of it:

  • under PAGE SETTINGS, type the page description into the DESCRIPTION field to suggest content to appear in search results:

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