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Once you started to write a story a toolbar appears at the bottom of the page:

You can add Heading by pressing “H” button on the toolbar:

Select any text element to edit it using the toolbar.

Add Text by pressing “Aa” button on the toolbar:

Add a photo by pressing the “Photo” button on the toolbar:To locate an image on your computer, click inside the DRAG & DROP frame to open the Upload from Your Computer dialog and select the image to upload:

The image is added to the post:

You can edit an image by clicking on it:

Replace an image:

Add a link to the image:

Link the image to a page on the site you are building, an external URL, a file, an email address, or a phone number:

Add a Color Overlay to your image:

Change the overlay color:

Choose the desired image size by selecting “Default”:

By selecting “Wide”:

By selecting “Full”:

Use “Settings” to customize the image:

Modify settings of the image (add a caption, enable ON CLICK ENLARGE to allow visitors to view the photo in full size when they click it on the live website): 

Hover over the image to move, duplicate or delete it:

Add an unordered list to your story:

Modify List using the toolbar:

Modify the Bullet Style:

Add an ordered list to your story

Add Blockquote:

Modify the Blockquote by using the toolbar settings:

Adding Divider

Add a horizontal line feature between other features on the post page:

Use the toolbar to modify the divider by clicking on it:

Adding Spacer

Click “Spacer” on the toolbar to add this feature to your story:

Hover over the spacer to modify it:

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