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What is a Captcha?

Captcha is an automatically generated test check used to determine who the user of the system is: a human or a computer. It is one of the best options for protecting a website from bots and spam.

–°aptcha embedded in the contact form on your website.

To successfully complete the request, you just need to check the box. In some cases, the Captcha will prompt you to select images from a range of images that are relevant to her request.

How to add Captcha to Contact Form?

(Form feature can be placed into different blocks of page via Drag & Drop).

Step 1: You can access the reCaptcha from the left-hand sidebar of the Site Editor by clicking SETTINGS:

Step 2: Hover over the “Marketing” button and click it to open the marketing services list:

Step 3: Hover over the “Google reCaptcha” button and click it to open the Google reCaptcha settings:

If you want reCaptcha to be displayed put the switch on/off:

Fill in two fields:

  • Site Key
  • Secret Key

Get Site Key and Secret Key from Google for reCAPTCHA

  1. Log on to your Google account;
  2. Access from your browser;
  3. Register your domain:

4. Save your Site Key and your Secret Key. You need them for the configuration steps in the Editor:

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